Anton Helgi Jónsson (b. 1955) is a prolific and award-winning poet and a writer. After graduating from compulsory school, he attended the Iceland Teachers’ Training College. Later on, he studied philosophy and literature at Stockholm University. He won a yearly poetry competition named after the poet Jón úr Vör – “Ljóðstafur Jóns úr Vör” – in 2014 for the poem. This was the second time he received the prize.
Sossa – Margrét Soffía Björnsdóttir (b. 1954) – is an Icelandic artist, known for contemporary paintings, with studios in both Iceland and Denmark. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine arts in Boston. Draft translation of the poem by Stefán Erlendsson.
The outlook by midweek
It is just Wednesday
anything can still happen
there is still hope
I can still find the right rhythm
find my own sound
even feel good about myself
anything can happen
as long as a garage still lurks
in the back of my head
and a band
which rages into the night.
Anton Helgi Jónsson